Why it is safe?

Ensuring that Orchard Lending Club is private and safe is our highest priority. Here is how we protect your privacy, your identity, and your data:

Rigid privacy policy

We follow very strict guidelines to protect your privacy. Orchard Lending Club does not sell, rent, or share your personal information with third parties for their marketing purposes. We share your information with other members of Orchard Lending Club, but only as much information as is needed to carry out the processes of lending and borrowing money.

Identity Checks

Orchard Lending Club's uses extensive identity checks using numerous internal and external databases so that it can ensure that the people on our site are who they say they are.

Transparent Process

Every process on the Orchard Lending Club is completely transparent. Borrowers and lenders can view the complete details of their funds any time. They can seen what is happening to their money. A lender can check the status and amount of money lent. Similarly, a borrower can also easily view all the information about how much he has borrowed and how much is outstanding.