Ravi Takhar

Co-founder & CEO

Orchard Lending Club was created by Ravi Takhar, a qualified banking solicitor and former investment banker, with over 20 years of continuous experience in lending to businesses. His first involvement in the lending space was when he worked for a Japanese private equity firm, where amongst other transactions he bought and managed two banks and a car finance company. When he left the private equity world, he created and ran a mortgage lender, an insurance premium financing company and the business that became Orchard Funding Group PLC, the parent company of Orchard Lending Club. Orchard Funding Group PLC was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2015.

Chris Meyer

Head of Fee Funding

Chris Meyer has a unique role within the P2P world that is essential for Orchard’s business growth. Where most P2P operators rely on new business being generated online, due to the nature of our loans Orchard Lending Club will have a field sales force led by Chris who actively seek new business and maintain contact with his database of over 4,000 historic and current borrowers. Lending to professional services firms is a specialist niche, and we believe that in order to maintain the quality of our loans, it is important for us to maintain direct contact with our borrowers, so we understand their needs and issues before they become problems.

Emmia Stratford

Head of Operations

Emmia has been with the Orchard Group since 2004. She is Head of Operations and Credit across our different product lines – Insurance Premium Funding and Professional Fee Funding. Emmia leads our operational team based in Luton, covering all credit, collection and administration of the loans written by the Group. With over 10 years with the group, where Emmia is responsible for day to day operations of the business, compliance and credit, Emmia knows our business inside out and was made a Director of the Group in 2015.