Buy Back

Orchard Lending Buyback Guarantee

Orchard Lending Club is unique in the Peer to Peer market place, because we only specialise in lending to the very best borrowers. From 12 years of lending experience, we know that regulated professionals are more likely to pay back their loans in full than almost any other type of borrower. We're so confident of this that we offer the Orchard Lending BuyBack Guarantee: If you lend to a borrower who defaults on a payment through our website, then we will either buy the loan back from you at face value or continue the payments due to you - no ifs, no buts.

Other Peer to Peer borrowers have recently started offering "insurance" arrangements with their loans - they take some of YOUR interest from each payment you are due to receive and if the loan defaults, then they use a bit of YOUR money they have held back to compensate you for any losses. At Orchard Lending, we don't think this is very fair. We're confident that we connect lenders with better borrowers, and we put our money where our mouth is. If the loan defaults, we guarantee to pay you with our money, not yours.